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Ramstad Recruiting is the premier Candidate Oriented placement service in the industry today. Executive Recruiter Bruce L. Ramstad takes a uniquely different approach in helping you find the job you are most qualified to perform by working for the candidate, NOT the client.

Because of their unique system of putting the candidate first, Ramstad Recruiting's system of developing a relationship with the candidate ensures that the candidate's experience and knowledge will be presented in the best possible way.

Ramstad Recruiting has more than 20 years experience in the recruitment and placement of engineering, technical and management personnel in manufacturing industries. We specialize in finding opportunities in manufacturing for experienced professionals. Our database typically contains over 10,000 current openings.


Whether your motivation for changing jobs is career enhancement, a change in geography, greater stability or simply an increase in compensation, Ramstad Recruiting is your best choice in finding the right job for you.

Our 20+ years of candidate placement has enabled us to develop a coast to coast network of resources, making our efforts to find the position which meets your needs much more successful than any other method.

We are NOT a resume mill, simply blasting your resume to thousands of locations, hoping someone, somewhere will notice it and act on it. We are a firm that other recruiters turn to when filling positions that require experienced professionals.

There is never a charge to the candidate for our services. All fees are paid by the hiring company.

 All inquiries are kept confidential

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